What Is Aria?

What you need to know about Aria

What Is Aria?

Aria was developed by professionals to provide an automated analog mastering service to everyone in a fast, cost-effective form without compromising quality.

Aria utilizes the same equipment as the top mastering facilities in the world. Every mastering engineer knows that it’s not all about the equipment, but the knowledge and experience behind the console. In fact, Aria was built by mastering engineer, Colin Leonard, using the same processes, techniques and equipment he uses every day, resulting in countless platinum and gold albums and singles.

My name is Colin Leonard. I developed Aria at my facility, SING Mastering in Atlanta, utilizing the same equipment and analog technology as my own mastering process. Now we’ve taken the next step: we automated our proprietary analog mastering equipment for your online use with an operating system we built from the ground up. Aria can master individual songs or full albums and is perfect for independent artists or mixing engineers creating references for client approval. Aria saves you time by quickly creating a high quality master recording.

The Aria server, audio computers and analog equipment are all housed here in the mastering facility. Your music travels through our website from your computer directly to ours. This means more security for your music and faster upload and download speeds. Once we receive your music, the fully automated system will master it in real time, and send you a download link – typically within minutes. To get started upload your mixes and Aria will do the rest.

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